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Fire Hydrant System

Basics of installing a fire suppression system

For installing a fire suppression system successfully, a good design for every specific piece of equipment must be planned thoroughly. There are some necessary installation materials, the design of the suppression system should be done in a specific way that can prevent fire in any case. Tape measure, stopwatch, wrenches, ratchets, power drill, and mounting hardware like nuts, bolts, etc., are essential for the installation procedure. The installation includes assembling the cylinder and cylinder mounting bracket. Discharging of piping, fittings, and nozzles are required during installation. There are even many optional installation procedures such as optional manual release, time delay unit, indication module, and pressure switches. An inspection is required to test the system activation. The fire suppression system in Dubai is available in different types as per customers’ requirements.

Types of fire suppression systems we provide

This type of hydrant is usually used in places where there is no risk of freezing. In this type of hydrant, the water in the main supply the hydrant that is close to the surface. The wet hydrant is usually designed to place above the ground. It is easier to construct and cost-effective. The maintenance of a wet barrel is easy compared to other hydrants.
This fire hydrant system stores the water below the ground; the earth’s temperature is higher than the cold region’s temperature. Therefore, this arrangement can prevent freezing. While using a dry hydrant, fire fighters open the valve on the top of the hydrant and fix the hose in it, which causes the drain valve to open. Then it allows the water to come out to help the fire fighters to fight against the fire.

Uses of our fire hydrants


Used as testing system

Fire hydrants are used for testing the hydraulic capacity of the distribution system. Hydraulic tests evaluate the pipelines, plumbing, and fuel tanks to test strength and leaks.

Sewage Cleaning

It should be cleaned regularly to keep the environment clean and hygienic, especially the sewer and drainage. It is possible to clean the sewer manually all the time. A fire hydrant can be used to clean the sewers and drainages regularly; fire hydrant installation near the sewage system can be helpful to maintain cleanliness.

Construction site

The construction sites need a large volume of water for various manufacturing operations. It is better to install a fire hydrant cabinet near the street under construction, which can even help keep the street clean and provide sufficient water to the construction site.

For line flushing

The fire hydrant installation can flush main distribution system lines due to the capacity to flow high and operate easily.
The fire hydrant system in Dubai is mostly used near construction sites, buildings, places like hospitals, and the industrial sector where fire safety is required. To get the more required information, you can visit the website.
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