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Water Spray & Foam System

Safeway Fire Point provides water spray and Foam water spray system in Dubai and surrounding areas. The foam water spray systems are mostly used to extinguish the fires in the buildings and stop further damage. Through this, you can distribute the foam and water mixture through the pipe. These foam systems are most popular and helpful to overcome a tough situation.
To extinguish the fire in the large buildings, it is used as a mixture of low expansion foam with water. Through the pipe system, the fire pump distributes the foam mixtures and water. Here the foam systems are connected with the water supply with a valve. It can be opened through the heat detection system and smoke. Here the foams are injected into the pipe, and then it is allowed to mix with the water. The foam system operates like other fire sprinkler systems, including wet, dry, and deluge system. The water spray system in Dubai operates or activates once it senses the heating element on the sprinkler head through a fire detection system.
If you work in industrial areas like power plants, aircraft hangers, chemical storage areas, and other high-risk areas, you should install these there. This is the best system that keeps you safe and secure. We, the leading provider of the fire safety system, provide a solution for both industrial and commercial systems. We provide water-based sprinkler systems and many other services to keep people safe in any hazardous fire situation. The wet sprinkler systems or Water spray system in Dubai and foam system helps to prevent the spread of fires.
By installing this into your space, you can not only save your properties but your lives too. The systems provided by us are loaded with advanced technology. It gives quick response in any toughest event. We try all possible ways to reach our customer’s requirements. We are a popular name in the industry of fire-fighting industry. We are certified and licensed and offer excellent protection. We provide proportioning devices, mobile foam concentrates, discharge devices, and mobile foam equipment, many more.
The Foam water spray system and water spray systems are automatic water suppression systems that need a lot of premises. We offer lots of solutions by providing different kinds of fire safety systems. When an individual visits our site and explores the service and product section, they can see many products at a reasonable cost. We have decades of experience in this industry that makes us capable of providing a satisfactory service. We are considered one of the most powerful platforms that offer quality service. The best part about this system is that it can work automatically or automatically detect a situation and alarm you before.
The water spray and foam system are generally used for protection from flammable liquid and gas. These are mostly used in the places like gas storage tanks, pumping equipment, piping, electrical equipment such as transformers, rotating electrical machinery, oil switches, etc., and for protection of openings in firewalls. The piping system is connected to the water supply through the actuated deluge valve. There are different kinds of water spray systems medium velocity water spray and high-velocity water spray system. Here the medium Velocity Water Spray Systems (MVWSS) are used for fire protection of areas. In contrast, the High-Velocity Water Spray Systems (HVWSS) are used to extinction fires in the flammable medium.
We are the leading organization, which offers different products in a reasonable amount. We are dedicated to offering the best service to the nation. To get any fire safety product, call us or mail us today!
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